paper coffee cup and pencil drawing.
But Brandon I’m not trying to be a cunt.
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Eeeeeeyah bout that….

Wanting to be a super hero was awesomer. 
You were going to be the fist of justice, the hammer of good, and the badass buster of crime. You’d throw flip-punches off sofas and unleash a hell-fury of blows while jumping on the bed. Each day was practice while you waited for the moment you’d save the world. 

Now you’re Peter Parker without the Spider Man and the Clark Kent without the Super Man. You’re the nerdy disguise with none of the super powers. You’ve got a wet noodle spin that can’t stand up for justice.  
Let’s try to save the world again. Let’s protect the weak, stand up for those in need, and stop douche bags from being bullies. Let’s do the small things that could actual make us heroes. Let’s donate blood, hold doors and be an awesomer force in this world for good. 

White Pizza Grilled Cheese

Steak and French Fry “Salad” 
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Mic check. One two. One two. #PSRD #rollerderby
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Pool. #backyardparadise #summer #PNW #backoffmyelephant
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Today marks the 25th anniversary of the debut of Seinfeld. Celebrate by looking back at 10 of the best episodes from the series.